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2021 Summer Classes Registration begins!

Python, Java, Web Development, Unity Game Development, and USACO classes will be offered during the summer. Have fun while learning the fundamentals of computer science!

Small Class

Our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:10 or better, allowing us to provide personalized care for each student.

Competition Prep

Years spent analyzing previous USACO contest problems on all levels. It made us become strong on competition prep.

Parent Portal

As our way of being transparent, we provide a parent portal so parents always can check their child's progress.


We personalize each student's coding road map to fit their goals, interests, and needs.


From the fundamentals of coding to prepare students to compete in coding competitions and develop their own coding portfolio.

Students who have NO coding experience will start here on our introductory course. Depending on their grade and interest, they will be guided to choose either Scratch or Python.


Scratch Course

Grade 3 - Grade 6

Scratch is for young students to have fun and build an interest in coding while developing the foundational logic to succeed in the more advanced courses.

Introductory Course


Python Course

Grade 6 - Grade 11

Python is easy to learn and has a simple syntax. This course is designed to develop the foundational logic and master the core building blocks of coding.

The development path is recommended for students who want to further pursue to develop their own game or to build a website or application.


Unity Games Course

Grade 6 - Grade 11

Designed for students who want to develop their own games. 

Development Path


Web/App Portfolio Course

Grade 7 - Grade 12

For students who want to discover how websites are developed.

Recommended for students who want to compete in various programming competitions such as USACO, HSPC, and Google Jam, and more.

USACO Bronze Course

Grade 7- Grade 11

Learning well-known fundamental algorithms to solving problems.

Competition Path

Our Core Course

USACO Silver Course

Grade 7- Grade 12

More complicated algorithms that are needed to succeed in USACO Silver.

USACO Gold Course

Grade 9- Grade 12

Advanced graph algorithms and dynamic programming needed in USACO Gold.

AP CS A is an introductory college-level computer science course. This course teaches JAVA catered towards the AP CS A curriculum.

Java Course

Grade 8 - Grade 12

 Students can develop their understanding of computer coding as they learn the core concepts of computer science such as variables, data types, and control structures. 

Java & AP CS Course


AP CS A Course

Grade 9 - Grade 12

From the basics and learn in-depth each topic while providing the practice necessary to succeed. Highly suggested taking this course while enrolled in the AP CS A class.

As technology integrates more into our society, coding is becoming an essential skill that opens up boundless opportunities. We teach students how to think critically and logically to succeed in coding.

BTree, short for a binary tree, is a concept taught in computer science that visually gives us the closest representation of how we structure our education. Like a tree in nature, we focus on developing and nurturing the roots of coding so each student can grow their skills on a powerful foundation. 






USACO Olympiad



Unity Game Development


What Our Students and Parents Say

I have been attending this academy for quite some time and have taken the USACO class and the web development class. In both classes, I was able to become much more familiar and comfortable with the concept of coding itself and progressed significantly in both subjects. For someone who was daunted by the idea of coding, this academy has helped me grow and expand my knowledge in computer science.

Nikolaj K.

I had only been learning here for months, and I already see a drastic improvement in my programming skills. I barely knew anything before I started, but I was able to improve so much that I tried the USACO Bronze contest and passed, which I never thought I could do! I always thought that coding looked very difficult, but because the lessons were concise, filled with information, and taught well, I was given this wonderful opportunity to learn an extremely useful skillset.

Ashley L.

My son has been learning game development and competitive programming at this academy, and it was the best decision I made for him. He was provided many different resources that he can use to make his own games. My son thinks so highly of the instructors and their knowledge of programming. I feel Btree Code Academy really helped my son to go further with his passion. It's absolutely excellent place to learn how to code!

Jake's Mom

If you have coding experience please request an evaluation sheet so we can evaluate you to find the class that fits the best for you.

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