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Learn Code.
Python, Java, USACO, Web/Game Development and more.

We provide advanced coding curriculum for students grades 5-12. Join us today and discover the endless possibilities of coding!

In-house Learning Platform
3000+ Coding Practices and Projects

Coding Olympiad Competition Prep

Website and Game Portfolio Prep for College Application

Comprehensive Roadmap for Continuous Learning in Code


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum covers coding basics and advanced coding competition curriculum, designed to help you master the skills and concepts of programming.

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Learn Python and master programming basics. Students practice logic and problem-solving with thousands of practice and challenges. Python will help students build strong skills and habits for their coding journey.

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Python Certificate (PCEP)

Students who finish our Python curriculum can go further to obtain the PCEP certificate.  This course prepares students for the PCEP exam with comprehensive topics and practice exercises. Students will ace the test with confidence and ease.

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USACO Competition

This course trains advanced students for programming contests like USACO, Google Code Jam, ACSL, etc. Students will master algorithms and data structures for problem-solving and competitive programming. Students will need dedication and extra practice to excel.

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Web Development

Learn web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Svelt/React frameworks. Build your portfolio with popular frameworks. Master the basics of how websites are made.

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Learn video game development with Unity and C#. Create simple and advanced games. Topics include Unity Basics, Game Objects, Prefabs, Physics, Animation, and more.

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This course is specifically designed to help students develop strong logic skills while creating games. It provides a streamlined approach to help students hone their logic-building abilities without getting overwhelmed by intricate programming syntax. 

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Students will start from the basics and learn in-depth each topic while providing the practice necessary in order to master the JAVA language. 

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Students can develop their understanding of computer coding as they learn the core concepts of computer science such as variables, data types, and control structures. Recommended for students who take the AP CS A class at school.

Students at Btree excel in logic and problem-solving skills through our enhanced curriculum

Our curriculum offers carefully curated lectures and thousands of coding quizzes that help students master each concept. The quizzes are challenging and diverse, so our students always have something to tackle.

We cater to different levels of learners, from fun and engaging beginner curriculum to competitive coding curriculum, and everything in between. We personalize each student's roadmap to fit their goals, interests, and needs.


Students Learn from Our In-House Platform: Btree Quiz Bank

Students will have access to our Btree Quiz Bank, a video-assisted problem-solving platform. It offers high-quality video lectures and over 3000 coding quiz sets. By tackling challenging problems, Btree students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills that go beyond coding.

Accessible Anytime

Instructors Guide & Help

Challenging Quizzes

Congratulations on 2022-2023 USACO Winners at Btree 

We're so proud of our students' achievements!

Promoted to the Gold Division

Kevin C. (11)

Jiwoo K. (11)

Euan P. (11)
Jason K. (11)
Alex C. (11)

Promoted to the Silver Division

Ryan Y. (9)

Jake K. (9)

Daeyong K. (10)

Isaiah P. (10)
Jaden L. (10)
Chloe Y. (10)
Eric K. (10)

Minjun Choi (11)

Jun P. (11)

Grace P. (11)

"Btree helped me grow and expand my knowledge in computer science"

I have been attending this academy for quite some time and have taken the USACO class and the web development class. In both classes, I was able to become much more familiar and comfortable with the concept of coding itself and progressed significantly in both subjects. For someone who was daunted by the idea of coding, this academy has helped me grow and expand my knowledge in computer science.

Nikolaj K. Student

What our students and parents say

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Please visit our academy at 810 Roosevelt, Irvine, CA 92620

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