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Accelerate your coding education with our comprehensive course pipelines. Take a look around for courses that suit your needs and goals.


Junior Course w/Scratch

Beginner (Grades 5-6)

Scratch is a visual programming language that uses code blocks to develop games and applications. Our goal is for young students to have fun and build an interest in coding while developing the foundational logic to succeed in a more advanced course.

Beginner Course w/Python & Java

Beginner (Grades 6-10)

The crucial first step in programming is developing a strong foundation of the fundamentals. Our carefully designed introductory course teaches students PYTHON and JAVA to master the use of the building blocks of programming and strengthen their logic and skillsets through problem-solving and projects. Students will develop strong fundamental skills and habits through mastering PYTHON and JAVA.


Unity Game Development Course

Intermediate (Grades 7-11)

This course is for students who want to learn the development process of video games. We will cover Unity Basics, Game Objects, C#, Prefabs, Physics, Gravity, Velocity, Scene Management, and Animation. Students will have hands-on experiences by developing simplistic games such as number guesser, Tic Tac Toe, Pong, Brick Breaker, and more advanced games like Tetris.

Web/App Development Course

Intermediate (Grades 7-12)

Want to explore the vast technologies of web development? By mastering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, students will be prepared to learn and utilize popular frameworks to create their portfolios for future applications and resumes. Discover how websites are developed and learn the fundamental knowledge and techniques of modern web development.


USACO Competition Algorithms Course

Intermediate/Advanced (Grades 8-12)

This course is designed for advanced students who want to compete in programming competitions such as USACO, HSPC, Google Code Jam, and more. 
Students will learn and practice the algorithms and data structures that are essential to solving problems and how we can utilize them in competitive programming. Students will be expected to be committed and put in the necessary practice outside of class to succeed.


AP Computer Science A Course

Intermediate (Grades 8-12)

Students will start from the basics and learn in-depth each topic while providing the practice necessary in order to master the JAVA language. After that, we catered towards the AP CS A curriculum. Students can develop their understanding of computer coding as they learn the core concepts of computer science such as variables, data types, and control structures. Recommended for students who take the AP CS A class at school.

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