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Junior Class w/Scratch


Scratch is a visual programming language that uses code blocks to develop games and applications. Our goal is for young students to have fun and build an interest in coding while developing the foundational logic to succeed in a more advanced course.

Grade 5-6


No coding experience is required


Subcourses & Curriculum



Intro to Scratch

In this course, we will be learning basics through visual programming and apply basics to create more in-depth games. This project-based class is designed for younger students to be exposed to coding in a fun way.
  • Introduction to Scratch 
  • Learning fundamentals in computer science by making various games projects such as Dodger, Collect the coins, Racer, Maze, Pong, Guess the number, Tic Tac Toe, Tank game, and many more.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, students should be able to feel comfortable with Scratch and expect to develop a strong foundation for coding

Junior Scratch Enrollment

We are sorry that enrollment for Junior class w/Scratch is closed at this moment. We will provide the Scratch class during the winter in 2021. 

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