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We Teach Online Classes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Dear parents, In light of COVID-19 concerns, we converted all of our classes online, starting Saturday, March 14 until further notice. Class starts will not change. We would like to ensure every student can continue learning despite these challenging circumstances. Therefore, we decided to provide online classes for the time being. Online classes will be provided using Discord and Zoom. Most of our students are already subscribed to our Discord channel but if not, please refer to the following instruction.

Installation for Discord

Discord is used for students to communicate with instructors throughout the week. Please search Discord through Google or go to Discord can be used via browser or installed to your computer (recommended).

Please download Discord to your computer and create an account. Once you create an account and log in, you will see the following window.

From here on the left side is a list of servers your account is currently in. The account here is new so there are no servers but we can add or search for servers to join. Press on the Plus Symbol on the left panel and press on join a server.

Joining the Btree Code Academy Discord Server

For the field for "Enter an invite", please enter the code we shared with you through email.

(If you do not know the code, please contact us at This code will give you the permission to join the Btree Code Academy Discord that we will be using for our online classes and support.

Changing Your Name

Now you've successfully joined in our channel. The discord user name can be anything and often it is not your real name. For educational and classroom purposes, we will require you to change your display name within our server to help us identify you. Please change your nickname in the server to contain your first and last name. When you message us directly through Direct messages on Discord, your username will be used. To prevent confusion, please state your real name and class you are from when asking us a question directly.


In addition to Discord, we use Zoom for video conferencing. Please download Zoom from and create an account.

We put many effort in providing the same quality of online education as onsite education, so we hope that our Live online classes can help students to keep learning without much difficulties. We appreciate your continued support, understanding, and patience. Sincerely, Btree Code Academy

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