Python Games Course

This course is designed to help digest the fundamentals learned in the prior Python course by applying what was learned in game development. We use a game engine called Godot, which offers a fully integrated game development environment for our students to create their own games with ease.

Subcourses & Curriculum


Python Games (Level 1)

Intro to Godot
Exploring basic game design and the Godot game engine.
  • Introduction to Godot Engine
  • Python-like Scripting Language
  • User Interface
  • Basic UI Games

Python Games (Level 2)

Godot Games Basics
Basic Movement controls and collisions with classic games such as Pong.
  • 2D Movement
  • 2D Collision
  • Basic 2D Games

Python Games (Level 3)

Intermediate Godot
Combining basic games with data structures to create more complex games.
  • Advanced 2D Games
  • Games with Data Structure

Python Games (Level 4)

Godot Games 3D
Exploring the 3D game engine of Godot.
  • Basic 3D Games

Course Duration: Each subcourse takes about 8-12 weeks to complete and the whole course typically takes 32 weeks to 48 weeks to complete depending on the student's age, dedication, and passion for the class. We determine if a student is ready to take the following subcourse after each subcourse is completed. We will make sure that each student understands and digests what they learn from a class by iterating and challenging them with a quiz, project, and many more.

Recommended Age: Grade 7 to Grade 12

How often we meet? Once a week. (2-hour class) When registering, a student is assigned to a dedicated class to visit once a week. 

Learning Outcome: Students should feel comfortable developing games by using Python. Students should expect to develop a strong foundation for coding and better problem-solving skills.

Pre-requisite: Python Course