[Summer] Python Intro Class (Online)

Class Schedule: June 11, Thu - July 6, Mon (4 weeks)
Every Monday and every Thursday at 2 - 3:30 p.m
2 classes per week (8 classes)

This summer course will cover the basics of coding with Python. All coding is built using the building blocks taught in this course. In order to properly learn more difficult and abstract concepts, a strong foundational skill level is needed for all of these building blocks. We aim to teach and provide the necessary practice for these topics in order for our students to succeed.

Thank you for your interest in this class!
The course has started and the registration is closed now. 

Weekly Curriculum


Week 1

Python Intro
This week will focus on setting up our coding environment and taking our first steps into coding.
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Operators
  • If Statements
  • Functions

Week 2

This week will focus on learning how to repeat code and how we use that to our advantage to help us solve problems.
  • While Loops
  • For Loops
  • Loops & If Statements

Week 3

This week we will cover our first data structure, the list. We will learn how we use lists to store and calculate a large amount of data.
  • Lists
  • Iteration
  • Neighboring Indices

Week 4

This week we will cover functional programming by learning about Strings.
  • Strings
  • Functional Programming

Summer Class Overview

Small Class

Our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:5 or even better, allowing us to tailor instruction based on each student's needs and learning speed.

Parent Report

When the class is done, we will share a parent report that includes a student's progress, our feedback, and recommended courses.

$50 Credit

If a student signs up for one of our regular classes after the summer class is over, $50 credit will be given to the student.

The 4-week online class will make students become familiar with fundamental computer science concepts. Hands-on assignments that help students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills will be given every week for students to practice what they have learned to understand our curriculums.

Class Schedule: 

  • The class will meet 2 times a week. Every Monday and every Thursday 

  • Date: June 11, Thu, 2020 - July 6, Mon 2020 (2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.) / 4 weeks (8 classes)

  • Class Meets: 8 times
    - June 11, Thu
    - June 15, Mon
    - June 18, Thu
    - June 22, Mon
    - June 25, Thu
    - June 29, Mon
    - July 2, Thu
    - July 6, Mon

Recommended Grade: Grade 6 - Grade 9

Learning Outcome: Students that complete this course will have learned how to utilize the basic building blocks of coding to solve problems. With this course, they'll have developed a strong foundation to learn more complex topics and have improved their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Pre-requisite: No coding experience is required.

If you have further questions about this course, please let us know!