Unity Games Course

Grade 7 - 12  


This course is for students who are interested in developing their own games. Unity and C# programming language will be covered starting from the very basics all the way to publishing their first game.


Subcourses & Curriculum


Unity (Level 1)

Intro to Unity
Exploring the Unity game engine and creating simplistic Unity games. Creating more complex unity games with physics and collision detection.
  • Introduction to Game Development
  • Introduction to C#
  • Variables
  • User Interface
  • Functions
  • 2D Movement, 2D Collisions, 2D Physics
  • Stage and Level Management

Unity (Level 2)

Intermediate & Advanced Unity
Exploring basic game design and the Godot game engine. Learning basic movement controls and collisions with classic games such as Pong.
  • Introduction to Godot Engine
  • Python-like Scripting Language
  • User Interface & Basic UI Games
  • 2D Movement & 2D Collision to Create Basic 2D Games
  • Advanced 2D Games
  • Games with Data Structure

Learning Outcome


Upon completion students will have learned how to utilize the Unity engine to create games and have developed publishable games. 

2021 Summer Classes

Java, Web Development, and USACO Classes & Workshops will be offered during the summer of 2021. Keep your programming skills sharp and solidify your understanding of coding while having fun!