Unity Games Course

Grade 7 - 12  


This course is for students who are interested in developing their own games. Unity and C# programming language will be covered starting from the very basics all the way to publishing their first game.

Subcourses & Curriculum

Unity (Level 1)

Intro to Unity
Exploring the Unity game engine and creating simplistic Unity games. Creating more complex unity games with physics and collision detection.
  • Introduction to Game Development
  • Introduction to C#
  • Variables
  • User Interface
  • Functions
  • 2D Movement, 2D Collisions, 2D Physics
  • Stage and Level Management

Unity (Level 2)

Intermediate & Advanced Unity
Exploring basic game design and the Godot game engine. Learning basic movement controls and collisions with classic games such as Pong.
  • Introduction to Godot Engine
  • Python-like Scripting Language
  • User Interface & Basic UI Games
  • 2D Movement & 2D Collision to Create Basic 2D Games
  • Advanced 2D Games
  • Games with Data Structure

Learning Outcome


Upon completion students will have learned how to utilize the Unity engine to create games and have developed publishable games. 

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