The languages we cover in our curriculum are Python, Java, and C#.
We focus on the fundamentals of coding languages to prepare students to compete in coding competitions and develop their own coding portfolio.

Class Format

Most of our classes meet once a week, and they are 2-hour classes. (For Junior Program, it's 1.5-hour class per week). Most of our classes consist of 2-4 students and our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:4 or better to provide each student personalized care.

Parent Report

Between each subcourse, we write a brief progress report for the parent, so parents are never left in the dark.



Homework is given every week in the class to ensure students spend time digesting and understanding each week's curriculum.


Scratch Course

Scratch Course


For Grade 3 to Grade 6

Scratch is a visual programming language that uses code blocks to develop games and applications. Our goal is for young students to have fun and build an interest in coding while developing the foundational logic to succeed in the more advanced courses.


Language & AP Course

Python Course


For Grade 5 to Grade 12

This course is designed to develop the foundational logic and to master the fundamental building blocks of coding.

Python Games Course


For Grade 7 to Grade 12

This course is designed to help digest the fundamentals learned in the prior Python course by applying what was learned in game development.

AP CS P Course (Python)


For Grade 9 to Grade 12

This course teaches Python catered towards the AP CS P curriculum. We will also be actively tracking the progress and quality of the Digital Portfolio.

AP CS A Course (Java)


For Grade 9 to Grade 12

This course teaches Java catered towards the AP CS A curriculum. Highly suggested to take this course while enrolled in the AP CS A class at school.


Portfolio Course

Unity Games Course


For Grade 7 to Grade 12

This course is for students who are interested in game development. Unity will be covered starting from the very basics all the way to publishing your first game.

Web/App Portfolio Course


For Grade 9 to Grade 12

This course is for students interested in building websites or making mobile apps. We will begin with the basics, HTML, CSS, and work towards bringing our ideas to life through React and Flutter.


Competition Course

Competition Intro


For Grade 7 to Grade 12

We train students to get adjusted to competition style algorithms and how to solve complex problems. Upon completing this course, students will be ready to move on to the Bronze level.

Competition Bronze


For Grade 7 to Grade 12

Intro to many well-known algorithms that are fundamental to solving problems. Consolidating the data structures and algorithms from Competition Intro and training to use them in USACO bronze.

Competition Silver


For Grade 9 to Grade 12

Learning more complicated algorithms needed to succeed in USACO Silver. Applying the newly learned algorithms in USACO Silver problems.

Competition Gold


For Grade 9 to Grade 12

Learning the necessary algorithms and how to use them to succeed in USACO Gold.