Unity Games Course

This course is for students who are interested in developing their own games. Unity and C# programming language will be covered starting from the very basics all the way to publishing their first game.

Subcourses & Curriculum


Unity (Level 1)

Intro to Unity
Exploring the Unity Game engine and creating simplistic Unity Games.
  • Introduction to Game Development
  • Introduction to C#
  • Variables
  • User Interface
  • Functions
  • 2D Movement

Unity (Level 2)

Unity Basics
Creating more complex unity games with physics and collision detection.
  • 2D Collisions
  • 2D Physics
  • State Management
  • Level Management
  • Instantiations

Unity (Level 3)

Intermediate Unity
Using data structures to create more complex games.
  • Advanced Game Development
  • Game Documents
  • Project Planning

Unity (Level 4)

Advanced Unity
Organized game development and personal projects that we can publish.
  • Game Development using 3D
  • Game Development with Data Structures
  • Game Publishing

Course Duration: Each subcourse takes about 12 weeks to complete and the whole course typically takes 36 weeks to 48 weeks to complete depending on the student's age, dedication, and passion for the class. We determine if a student is ready to take the following subcourse after each subcourse is completed. We will make sure that each student understands and digests what they learn from a class by iterating and challenging them with a quiz, project, and many more.

Recommended Age: Grade 7 to Grade 12

How often we meet? Once a week. (2-hour class) When registering, a student is assigned to a dedicated class to visit once a week. 

Learning Outcome: Students will have learned how to utilize the Unity Engine to create games and have developed publishable games.

Pre-requisite: Python or Java