Web/App Portfolio Course

This course is for students who want to discover how websites are developed and learn the fundamental knowledge and techniques of modern web development. We will begin with the basics, HTML, CSS, and work towards bringing our ideas to life through React and React Native.

Subcourses & Curriculum


Portfolio (Level 1)

Web Basics
Learn about HTML/CSS and create simple websites using Flex.
  • Introduction to Web Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flex
  • CSS Animations

Portfolio (Level 2)

Add scripts to our websites to provide functionality.
  • Javascript Basics
  • Javascript Array
  • Advanced Flex Exercise
  • jQuery

Portfolio (Level 3)

Learn about React and publish our first big project. Dedicated time to practice and consolidate all of the portfolio topics.
  • React
  • React Native
  • Entrepreneurship

Course Duration: Each subcourse takes about 8-12 weeks to complete and the whole course typically takes 24 weeks to 36 weeks to complete depending on the student's age, dedication, and passion for the class. We determine if a student is ready to take the following subcourse after each subcourse is completed. We will make sure that each student understands and digests what they learn from a class by iterating and challenging them with a quiz, project, and many more.

Recommended Age: Grade 7 to Grade 12

How often we meet? Once a week. (2-hour class) When registering, a student is assigned to a dedicated class to visit once a week. 

Learning Outcome: Students will have learned how to build websites or mobile applications and created their own websites or apps.

Pre-requisite: No prior coding experience is needed.