About Us


Btree code academy is a premier coding school that provides the best coding education and tools to thrive in our entrepreneurial and innovative world of technology.

" Technology is evolving rapidly and poses many challenges for engineers and organizations alike. With companies struggling to find talents in the industry, coding education for young people will be a vital part of our nation’s success. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are passionate about coding and also eager to help students prepare for the fast-paced digital world. Have a fun and satisfying coding journey with us! "

Our Philosophy

Fun from Skills

 Instead of luring students to merely trying out 'games' and 'puzzles', we make sure that students learn to become GOOD and SKILLFUL. Inner inspiration will come organically.


Each course comes with a tangible goal to achieve. Upon completion of a course, a student will have finished tasks and gained the ability to do so again.

Evaluation & Growth

We evaluate our curriculum by one thing: That each student is constantly improving. Using a periodic quiz and our own proprietary metric, performance will be analyzed and evaluated.

What makes us different


Parent Portal

The parent portal is our way of being transparent about your child's progress. 

Our parent portal gives a chronological view of important events such as attendance, homework results, quiz performance, and reports for parents. We are transparent with their progress and share progress reports with parents so parents are never left in the dark. 

Small Class

Our teacher-to-student ratio is 1:10 or even better.

Our small class allows us to tailor instruction based on each student's needs and learning speed. As we maintain our class a small size, we are proud of offering personalized care for each student.

Comprehensive Roadmap

From run and engaging beginner classes to competitive classes for the advanced students, and everything in between, we personalize each student's roadmap to fit their goals, interests, and needs.


Competition (USACO) Prep

We have spent years analyzing previous USACO contest problems on all levels and to prep students to succeed in USACO competition, HSPC, Google Kickstart, and Google Code Jam. We are confident in our program and working hard to further improve the success rate.


Founder's Message

 Hi, my name is Daniel, founder of Btree Code Academy.

Having worked for top IP companies as a software engineer and starting my own start-up business, I embraced an enormous potential that coding has provided for my career. Coding is a universal skill that you can bring anywhere in the world and open up opportunities, as a hobby or as a profession. Its significance will only grow, as technology integrates more into our lives.

I founded Btree Code Academy to pass on my knowledge and skills and to provide quality education for budding young coders in the community. Since our inception, we have been able to serve hundreds of eager students and they have been able to train and compete in competitions, created mobile apps and games, and even find jobs as professional coders. It is the eagerness, curiosity, and ambition of the students that push me to help them achieve our goals.