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About Us

Our coding academy provides a diverse array of courses tailored to different skill levels, ranging from fundamental programming to advanced skills like React.

Our curriculum has been thoughtfully curated and designed by a team of professional developers who are enthusiastic about passing on their expertise to the next generation of coders. Our coding academy's instructors are highly trained and equipped to assist students throughout their coding journey, including providing thorough code reviews to ensure they are following professional coding standards.

We are committed to transparency, providing regular updates on each student's progress through our reporting system, so parents can stay informed and engaged every step of the way.

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Our Specialties

Our academy was founded on the principle of mastering the fundamental skills of programming. We firmly believe that a solid foundation in programming provides students with a gateway to explore the numerous specializations within the field of Computer Science.

Introductory Programming Languages

We begin with teaching introductory programming languages such as Python and Java, which allowed our students to strengthen their logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


we prepare our students for the AP CS A. Many found the class and exam easier and more approachable after studying with us, with our students achieving A's in the class and 5's on the exam.


With a strong foundation in place, we guide our students to success in programming contests like the USA Coding Olympiad (USACO).

Congressional App Challenge

we expand our curriculum to include app and game development, giving our students the opportunity to find success in the Congressional App Challenge and kick start their portfolios.


Students Learn from Our In-House Platform: Btree Quiz Bank

Students will have access to our Btree Quiz Bank, a video-assisted problem-solving platform. It offers high-quality video lectures and over 3000 coding quiz sets. By tackling challenging problems, Btree students develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills that go beyond coding.

Accessible Anytime

Instructors Guide & Help

Challenging Quizzes

What Makes Us Unique

Our Teaching Philosophy


Our curriculum is evaluated through one metric; improvement. We track each student using our own proprietary metric to measure their progress.

Fun from Skills

We believe that games are not fun to create unless you grasp the basics. The real joy of coding comes from learning and mastering the concepts and techniques that make it possible. That's why we help our students build a strong foundation in programming, so they can code with confidence and skills and have a blast.

Goals & Roadmap

Each course comes with a tangible goal to achieve. Upon completion of a course, a student will have finished tasks and gained the ability to do so again.

As our way of being transparent, we provide a parent portal so parents always can check their child's progress so parents are never left in the dark.

How we started

"We believe coding is an essential skill that you can bring anywhere in the world and open up many opportunities!"

As a former software engineer for top IT companies and a startup founder, I've experienced firsthand the incredible potential that coding offers for career growth and personal development. Whether pursued as a hobby or profession, coding opens doors to a world of opportunities, particularly as technology continues to play an increasingly central role in our lives.

In 2016, I founded Btree Code Academy (formerly Irvine Code Academy) with a mission to share my knowledge and skills and provide high-quality education to aspiring young coders in the community. Since our establishment, we've had the privilege of serving hundreds of enthusiastic students, training them to excel in competitions, develop mobile apps and games, and launch careers in coding. It's the students' eagerness, curiosity, and drive that motivates me to help them reach their full potential.

Founder, Daniel K.

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